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Candola’s Newcomer.


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Our table linen and fabrics are characterized by special properties
that save the restaurateur time and money.

Our table linen is tailor-made. Fabrics are also available by the meter.

Our range includes the following fabrics:

Liquid repellent fabrics

The Candol classic – our liquid-repellent fabrics and table linen do not
allow liquids to penetrate the fiber and make cleaning easier at low
This saves you energy costs and time-consuming pretreatment.
They are easy to care for, washable at 40 degrees and require little iron.
Available in a wide variety of structures and many colors.

Natural substances

Linen is one of our oldest cultivated plants and a beautiful textile fiber –
a material with character.
The natural colors can be elegantly combined.
Personalized by stick, it is a special highlight.

Recycled materials

Most of our recycling materials consist of old PET bottles and plastic waste.
In this way, used and otherwise useless materials are brought back to life.
Our recycled materials are of the same quality as conventionally
newly produced yarn and are just as resistant and easy to care for.

Outdoor fabrics

Textiles that are often exposed to different weather conditions
must be particularly hard-wearing.
Outdoor fabrics are therefore highly functional fabrics made of
synthetic fibers that have been specially developed for outdoor use.
Our Solis enchants with bright colors and / or patterns with a
lightfastness of 5-6.

Materials that can be wallpapered / upholstered

Would you like to give your benches and armchairs a new look
and set the tables to match?
Our wallpaperable fabrics can be used on the table as well as for upholstery.
Develop new room / furnishing concepts – without limits?
With our fabrics you can!
Top friction and abrasion values, great feel,
particularly easy to care for and yet hard-wearing.